November 4, 2014


All i can say is - I'm so sorry. This blog, which probably 17 people look at (6 of them being family members), has always been a place where I can pause for a few minutes, strip away the professional hats I sometimes wear, and write a few dumb things, post a few too many photos of the same arrangement, and relax a bit.

I suppose since I imagine there are only 17 people viewing this here blog, it allows me to be a less hashtag, adjective heavy, and a little more clumsily me. So, I apologize to myself, as well, for hiding behind the busy schedules, personal dramas and resolve/welcome the opportunity to get back to basics. I hope you'll join me as I get back on track here.

March 20, 2014


Oh, hey there. How are you? I'm great, thanks.  My 2 posts a month plan fell by the wayside when the new year hit, my flight to Costa Rica took off, and then it snowed for a year. I'm back. Flowers are back. This shit is about to start moving at the exact opposite pace it's been moving the last couple months. I'm ready. Looking forward to coffee highs and adrenaline pushes. Being lazy was fun but then it's boring and it's time to hustle again. Here we gooooooo!

January 18, 2014


First post of this new year. Does this make it more important? I guess so. New beginnings. Clean slate. Sort of. Not much has really changed in the first 18 days of twothousandfourteen. I have been going to yoga somewhat obsessively, but I think that always happens when work slows down. I have to put my energy somewhere if I'm not running around the city playing flower games.

I decided not to make any resolutions this year. Any real resolutions, that is. But I do have one looming under the surface. More of a declaration than a resolution. (Wait, is that disguised as the same thing?) I want to do really great work this year. Like REALLYYYYYY great work. Like whoa I can't believe we made that kind of work. And not just pretty arrangements but expanding to more challenging projects, different avenues, more awareness, and on and on.

I have a hard time thinking I'm any good at this stuff (which I know sounds like i'm fishing). I probably rely on the feedback from others too heavily to give me a clue as to whether i'm "good" "great" "average" or "dumb" (cue instagram). But this year, I want to do more work that I know deep down is closer to great. Which brings me back to the obsessive yoga (hadn't planned on this circle.) I took a class a couple weeks ago and the instructor asked us to pick one word to come back to during class. Just a word. Not a mission or a problem to solve. Without dwelling, the word "trust" came to mine and I found myself saying it in my head throughout the class like a TOTAL hippie.

It's about trusting a lot of parts with earnest, I'm learning. So yeah, it's a biggy. I guess for 2014, I want to go with the flow a bit more and trust I'm heading in that positive direction of interesting work, amazing flowers, diversified projects, etc. without needing to control every ounce of the happenings. Ha! Yeah, good luck with that.

December 27, 2013

an updated look

Since it's the end of the year and one of my new years resolutions for 2013 was to get a little revamp going on the 'ol website, I justtttt managed to sneak this in under the wire to avoid epic disappointment with myself. I only kept about 10 images from the previous gallery so there's a nice assortment of new photos to look through.

Now that I've been starting at these images for weeks, I'm already ready for another update. BUT, I'll let you take a good look before I threaten to redo it all again. Happy New Year, everyone! I think for 2014's resolution, I'm going to start smoking and work on gaining 10 pounds. Gotta aim high, you  know?!

December 4, 2013

Let's talk about pin spotting

Ok, we don't really have to talk about pin spotting. But it is an "interesting" topic in the world of event design. Without it, the flowers on the table get completely lost. Pretty candlelight only does so much. Pin spotting, though, pretty much wrecks the perfectly curated color game. It washes everything out and there is absolutely zero nuance (*favorite word I like to overuse right now) in the tones anymore. But at least you can see the flowers? And their is a glow? I'm torn. Ok, this is boring.

Thanksgiving was the best. I ate it all, drank it all, slept a few hours and went to the flower market far too early the next day to prep for this here event.

We can all agree nothing trumps natural light. Right!? The pin spotted photos next to the tones in this bouquet are pretty laughable. What can you do. I recommend everyone get married on the summer solstice. 

November 18, 2013

Giving Thanks for Centerpieces

We're taking a limited number of flower orders this year for Thanksgiving centerpieces. $285 plus $25 for delivery anywhere in the NYC. Deliveries will be sent out Wednesday afternoon/evening via Vantasia. A real thing! (My friend Josh originally advised me to name my flower business Plantasia. I considered it, ultimately didn't go for it, but he was on to something there. Now he's living his business name dream.) The point is: Flowers! Thanksgiving! Place your order at:

October 31, 2013

Nicole, my love

Flowering for friends is a real joy in this work. I'm likely heard complaining about it, but in that deep-down-I-really-mean-it-way, I feel kinda proud to create environments and beautiful things for wonderful friends. I spent a few days up in the Berkshires a couple weeks ago turning a pretty barn into a PRETTY barn for my dear college friend Nicole's wedding. Oh, Nicole's + Kevin's wedding. Right. He was there too. Details.

I dragged ALL of my college friends in attendance into the mix - teaching them how to make garlands, hang candles, play with ivy, and other random, weird things we florists do. They ran with it. Rocked it. And made the space look even better than I had hoped.

**Big, enormous, huge thanks to my wonderful friend Hannah who has been the biggest help since my first gig back in PDX life. Always lighting candles with me, cheering me on, hiding buckets, finding me glasses of wine. She's even able to rope her bf Josh into helping these days. Hannah, I love you. Also appreciate the generosity of the lovely Ariella for her endless help, support, and encouragement. She pointed me in the right direction in so many ways for this event (and so many others). And to Sarah for being my hype guy, having just created a beautiful event in a nearby Berk town a few days prior. And thanks Nicole for marrying your Kevin. LOVE you two. (Big love fest post. Excuse.)

***Also, thank you Kenyon College for hooking me up with all these badass lords 'n ladies.